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Kitchen Types / Layour You can Select

The concept behind different types of kitchens has come up from growing compactness of houses in metropolitans. The basic organizing and storage issue can only be coped up by applying different kind of kitchen stylizations.  No matter whether you live in a small house, a flat or a bungalow, the need for a well organized, clean and sleek kitchen which has lots of storage space and is comfortable to work is something which we all wish for. The layout of your kitchen determines your aesthetic sense for interiors. Every home is different so every kitchen too, requires special treatment and grooming.

We in Kolkata kitchen would let you know the importance of each and every type of kitchen and explain you the specified role that each of the modular kitchen types play. If you are clueless about which type of kitchen would be appropriate for your home, just go through the details of each kitchen type and select the one which you find suitable for your dream home in Kolkata. By choosing the right kind of kitchen type for your home, you are not only going to give your kitchen a gorgeous interior look but also make the best utilization of limited space inside the premises of your kitchen.

There could be several types of kitchens like for example, you can go for small and compact style of kitchens by installing a Line Kitchen or L-Shaped Kitchen or for a kitchen which displays your own lavish lifestyle would be an Island Kitchen or a Peninsula Kitchen which also facilitates an eat-in portion inside your kitchen area.  After all kitchens in Kolkata need to serve the role of a social hub inside your home!

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E Shape Kitchen

Who says that creating an eat-in style kitchen inside smaller kitchen areas are impossible? E-Shaped kitchens are exclusively meant for this purpose. Read more

F Shape Kitchen

Being a slightly modified version of U-Shaped kitchen, the F-Shaped kitchens allows you to have some extra storage options and a little bit more space for free movement. Read more

Island Kitchen

This semi hexagonal shaped kitchen style with a beautiful center mount is a perfect reflection of a lavish lifestyle. Read more

L Shape Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen can be called be a perfect option for nuclear families. Many times, the kitchen area allotted in your apartment houses are very small and turns out to be a good for nothing. Read more

Line Kitchen

Line kitchens are the smartest kitchens and are purely dedicated to the spirit of young generation and their furious life style. Read more

Parallel Kitchen

A few things inside a kitchen would never go hand in hand. Like wet and dry portions or vegetarian and non vegetarian food lovers in single family or just over flowing kitchen appliances and your space issues. Read more

Peninsula Kitchen

The ‘Adda Culture’ of Kolkata must have vanished from your doors and streets but is certainly maintained inside your homes, that too specially inside the kitchens of your home in Kolkata. Read more

T Shape Kitchen

T-Shaped kitchens are something which is a sheer piece of art. One thing which should be kept in mind is that, an ample amount of space is required for installing a T-Shaped kitchen. Read more

U Shape Kitchen

It is a slightly modified version of an L shaped kitchen and basically it is installed in two different manner. Read more 

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